Is Mémorelle a team?
We are more than a team, we are husband and wife passionate about wedding photography ​and film.
We also got married the 1st of June 2019 in Lanzarote at the Canary Islands!
Why weddings?
Capturing a wedding day is so challenging and emotional.
It's so much happiness and a blessing to be present and to be able to capture eternal memories of your day.
We live your day as if it was ours.
What is your style?
We have a documentary style and we don't like to interfere in the natural course of the day. 
We like to get close to our couples and we want them to feel us as guests and friends on their wedding day.
Barbara is more sensitive and emotional, she sees her brides as if they were herself on her wedding day. She knows how important and unique the day is and how important it is to capture the small details and emotions. Tiago loves to connect with grooms as if he was their best man (really!) and he does the magic in our videos!
We truly believe it's very important to see double on a wedding day as one photographer alone is always going to miss unique moments as he needs to keep exchanging back and forward.
As a married couple we know how it is to be on your side and we encourage you to:
- chose what YOU like for the wedding as decoration or your dress, it's your day not your family or friends.
- hire a wedding planner. They always make things extra special and they light up your day, believe us!  We can give you some recommendations.
-  enjoy every single moment since you wake up. The day passes so quickly and we spend so many month planning it that if you don't enjoy the little things it will go so fast (you don't even know how!).
- smile a lot, be happy, don't worry and have lots of fun!
What values do you practice?

Our values start from 1700€. We include some special things.

Do you work outside of Portugal?

Yes! We love to travel and we have photographed weddings in Spain, Luxembourg, France, United States, etc.


As for photos, how many do you deliver?

We deliver between 700-800 full-day edited photos.


What about the wedding video?

We deliver two videos edited by us. A short video/highlight (3-5min) and a long video (15-25min). We do not deliver the raw footage.

When do we get the photos? And the wedding videos?

Usually it takes between 2-3 months (maybe less) for the pictures and 5-9 months for the delivery of the wedding videos.


Is it possible to send some photos sooner?
Of course!!

Do you deliver or sell photos on the day?



Do you use water marks?


Do you work with drone?

Yes, we always carry the drone. It should be noted that drones can not fly over certain areas, such as military zones and closed areas.


Does it have an extra cost?

Does not.


And albums?

Yes! Ask us about them.​

Do you have time limitations?

No. However we really appreciate not trespassing the 12h of work.

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