We are more than a team, we are husband and wife passionate about wedding photography ​​and film!


Tiago was born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal but at the age of 5 he moved to Luxembourg. When he was 19 he came to Portugal to study music for 1 year and in the process he fell in love with photography, directing and cinema. He ended up leaving the music area and started his studies in cinema having finished his masters in directing and cinema in 2019. He has worked for several television and film production companies such as RTP and Altice, has directed and edited several music videos for music artists and continues to be part of several corporate companies and their marketing and advertising processes.


Bárbara was born in Lisbon, daughter of a Spanish mother and Portuguese father. She has always been passionate about different areas, from the creative and artistic to the health area. She graduated in dentistry in 2011 and specialised in orthodontics, orthopaedics and orthognathic surgery. Photography has always been part of her life since she was a child and it was a hobby in her spare time, however, and after meeting Tiago, her hobby grew and developed into an art that makes her fall in love every day. In 2015 they decided together to create Mémorelle.


For us is very important to be always up to date in terms of experience and photography and video equipment, participating in fairs, workshops and training.

We also got married the 1st of June 2019 in Lanzarote, in one of the amazing Canary Islands. It was a small wedding with 34 guests and we had the best week of our lifes.