The New Pandemic / Covid -19

We felt it was important to leave something written on the website regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, both for our future clients and also for the ones who are already with us.

The pandemic has affected us deeply. The postponement of weddings from 2020 to 2021 and/or 2022 left us without work and therefore without income for one year. Leaving the company aside, we are also normal people with goals, expectations, investments, fears and responsibilities, and the year 2020 that was going to be our best year so far, and there is no point in using soft words, reported disastrous.

We understand how difficult everything is being for the couples. We understand that changing the date once, twice or even three times greatly lowers the mood and even the will to perform the wedding. We understand that it is exhausting to have to warn guests several times of the change, still knowing very little of what the future holds. This is why we have decided to help to postpone our couples wedding date from 2020 to 2021 and/or 2022 at no extra cost.


This affected us in a very significant manner because we were booking 2021 dates with weddings from 2020 that should be booked by new clients. We did this because we understand that this is an extreme situation and we want to help our couples. As you can understand, financially, this was a very difficult decision.


We have to say with a very grateful heart that the vast majority of couples took us into enormous consideration by always asking us our availability for the days before confirmation, including also weekdays for the alteration. We appreciate this so much! Thank you!


Due to the financial strain we suffered with 2020 reschedules we've updated our contract with some clauses regarding pandemics and we decided to make it as transparent as possible here:


For the booking of the wedding day a deposit of 30% of the agreed value is made.

If the date is rescheduled due to an outside event such as: earthquake, tsunami, pandemic (such as the new coronavirus), a second deposit of 30% is required (this is not extra value, it is deductible from the initially agreed value) and Mémorelle is committed to changing the wedding date with no extra cost for the Clients, on the condition that Mémorelle has the date available, bearing in mind that weekdays may have to be considered.


If the wedding is cancelled or changed but Mémorelle do not have the date available or is unable to travel to the venue due to outside conditions, the deposit (30% in case of first change, 60% in case of second change) is not returned. This applies to all our couples beginning March 2020.


If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 just contact us or check our f.a.q.